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Finger protection advisor

This ultimate guide to our goalkeeper finger protection system will explain how to decide whether you need finger protection and when it is better to go without.

Finger protection, as the name suggests, is responsible for protecting the fingers of a goalkeeper. To do this, special finger protectors are integrated into the upper hand of the goalkeeper glove.


Fingerschutz herausnehmen


These finger protectors are constructed in such a way as to offer movement in one direction (so that you can make a fist) and to harden when pressure is applied in one direction (so that the fingers cannot be overstretched backwards).

A goalkeeper glove with finger protection therefore offers you protection against powerful shots when you have only your fingers - rathern than your entire hand - behind the ball.
Your fingers can't be overstretched and your capsules are protected.

Finger protectors can be found on all 5 fingers and can usually be removed from the goalkeeper gloves as required. On the upper hand there is a zip/velcro fastening, which allows access to the protectors.




People often ask us when they should use goalkeeper gloves with finger protection. Ultimately, we only recommend finger protectors in goalkeeper gloves if the fingers are still weakened due to a previous injury or if the fingers have recently been overstretched.

When you should avoid the use of finger protection:

  1. If no fingers are injured
  2. If you are a beginner goalkeeper
  3. If you want to develop a feeling for catching the ball

Goalkeeper gloves with finger protection have a small disadvantage; namely, that they allow a slightly reduced feel for the ball. They do offer good protection against injuries, but they reduce the movement of the hand slightly, which means that you may not be able to grip the ball as well.

We recommend that you use finger protection in a targeted way: i.e. only use finger protectors in your goalkeeper gloves with fingers that are injured. All other fingers should be able to move freely.

This allows you to take full advantage of the effectiveness of finger protection:

  1. Complete protection for the finger that needs it
  2. Complete freedom of movement for fingers that need to grip



For many goalies, the use of finger protection makes great sense. Parents of children who play in goal, however, should take note of a few things.

Children should never play with goalkeeper gloves with finger protectors. NEVER!

Even if children have a finger injury. Unlike adults, who can decide for themselves, children need protecting and should never play with an injury.

Additionally, finger protectors can prevent children from learning to catch properly:

  1. Children won't develop a feeling for the ball
  2. Children won't learn how to catch the ball safely
  3. Children will predominantly make saves with their fists or slap the ball away
  4. Children will not grow into good goalkeepers



As a goalkeeper, you should consider the following points when purchasing gloves with finger protectors:

  1. The finger protection should be used on all 5 fingers: this ensures that all fingers are protected.
  2. The protector should not be too stiff: you should always be able to make a fist easily.
  3. The protection elements should be individually removable, allowing you to choose which fingers need protection and which don’t.

As a goalkeeper, you will quickly notice whether you have made the right decision for your goalkeeper glove finger protection system if you put on your gloves and feel comfortable. The best way to find the right size for your finger protection goalkeeper gloves is with the help of our sizes tables.



If you want, you can pay more than €100 for your goalkeeper gloves with finger protection. Of course: because international professionals play with the same design of goalkeeper glove (but not with the protective elements!) and because specialist retailers want their share too.

It is possible, however, to obtain the same quality for a fair price. We offer a variety of our models from the Beast collection with optional finger protection. You can identify the individual models in our shop by the additional "(FP)". See the advantages of our finger protection for yourself, and visit our online shop

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