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Personalize your T1TAN gloves

We can add a print to the strap of your goalkeeper gloves using a flexible film.

You can use the following symbols:

  1. Latin letters
  2. Numbers
  3. Special characters from the QWERTY keyboard, such as "#" or "&"

Unfortunately, flags, team logos and coloured prints are not possible.

Maximum Length

We will happily print one or two lines with a maximum of 12 characters per line. Anything longer would be too small and cannot be printed on the gloves.


The print on your gloves is permanent, so they can be washed in the washing machine without the flexible film disintegrating (Tip: we recommend, however, that you do not wash your gloves in the washing machine).

Our tip: if you wish to remove the print at a later time, you can do this. Simply use nail varnish remover and a pair of tweezers. Apply a little nail varnish remover to a letter and then slowly peel it away from the strap with the tweezers.


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