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Goalkeepers Club

Take advantage of the Goalkeeper's Club

With our exclusive and free bonus program "Goalkeeper's Club" you collect points with every purchase in our store and can advance to new levels!

Each Euro of purchase value brings you 5-15 points (depending on the level) to your collection account.
In addition, you can collect more points through extra activities.

As soon as you reach 500 points, you can redeem your first $5 discount at the checkout, at 1000 points it's $10 and so on.

Depending on the amount of your turnover, you can also advance to higher levels.
You start as a Talent and finally reach the Star level via the Pro level.
Each level offers you more cool benefits such as free personalizations and pre-purchase rights on limited editions.

You belong to the level you have reached for 12 months.
After that you have to reach the required turnover again.

For more info and registration go to ➡️ 

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