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You will then receive useful tips and information on new products depending on your preferences:

  • 💧 Tips on caring for your gloves
  • 🧤 Limited edition goalkeeper gloves
  • 🤑 Discounts and promotions
  • ⚠️ Important information about T1TAN

Important information

Please note that you will subsequently receive an e-mail containing a confirmation link from us.

You must click on this link and will then be directed to a page where you can indicate what kinds of information you would like to receive from T1TAN.

You will only receive our Newsletter once you have completed these 3 steps:

  1. Subscribe to the Newsletter (here)
  2. Open the e-mail from us and click on the confirmation link
  3. Select the information that interests you

This allows us to protect your privacy and ensures that you don't receive unwanted information from us.

We hate spam e-mails too!


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