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Reasons for Complaints

If you receive a damaged or defective product, or a product becomes damaged after a short period of use, you can make a complaint.

To help us verify this, please send an e-mail containing photos and your order number to 

With goalkeeper gloves in particular there is a difference between product defects and signs of wear and tear.

Below we have put together a list indicating what constitutes grounds for complaint and what is normal wear and tear.


Grounds for complaint vs normal wear and tear


Every pair of T1TAN goalkeeper gloves is sewn individually and by hand. As we are human, occasional errors may occur, which you notice before using the gloves or after a short period of use.

In these cases, we will be happy to replace your gloves with a new pair free of charge



As a good T1TAN you will use your goalkeeper gloves regularly during training and matches, and under the most extreme conditions. This naturally leads to wear and tear (as with car tyres).

This does not constitute grounds for a complaint.


Grounds for complaint (usually visible before use)

✅ Open seams (outside the Grip Protection Zone)
✅ Incorrect customisation
✅ Wrapping bandage is loose


Normal wear and tear (due to use)

❌ Abrasion or cuts to the foam
❌ The colour on the upper hand has faded


You are welcome to exchange unworn and unpersonalised T1TAN gloves (e.g. because you don't like them or they don't fit) within 14 days of receipt of the product. Please follow the instructions described in our Returns Portal

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